1. We believe that by supporting local artisans and small businesses in Senegal we contribute:
    • to the economic growth of our country
    • in the cultivation of traditional trades and craftsmanship
    • to community growth and vitality


    Taking measurements for a new pair of heels

    A pair of flats is in the making
With one of our shoemakers as we study the craft!

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2. We believe that by sharing beautiful and high-quality shoes and fashion made in Africa with the world we break down stereotypes and combat the tiresome “single story” of the continent. There is so much more here to discover!

3. We believe in celebrating uniqueness and personal taste. No two pairs of shoes we make are ever exactly the same, just like no two women on this Earth are exactly the same. Our pairs are custom made, with you in mind, and most importantly, made to reflect your personal taste and style.

Our A,B,Cs:

A: Africa

B: Beauty

C: Creativity

ISKRA means “spark” in the Polish language.

we believe that we can help light the way for greater




Lightness of Being

for the whole world ❤